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RMA -Sending Unit Back

I have a Robotic pool cleaner, where do I send it for service?
**Blue Diamond/Pearl/Speed Jet service centers - by state** (Residential and C...
Who do I contact for questions or warranty repairs on my robot.
We have partnered with Aqua Products who help support our robotic cleaner line. ...
What do I need to send to have my Pool Blaster Pro repaired?
Customer needs to send back unit, charger, and both battery packs.
Am I responsible for shipping?
The customer pays the shipping to us, and we cover shipping back to you.
What parts do I have to send with my unit?
You will need to send unit itself and the charger; we do not need the vacuum hea...
What documentation do I need to send my unit for repair?
Proof of purchase - As a proof of purchase I can accept an email confirmation, i...